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Tara offers focus on healing that encompasses a vitally holistic view. She incorporates her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with over 20 years of knowledge gained from musculoskeletal body work. She has continued her acupuncture education considerably with several of the most renowned teachers in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community including Matt Callison and Dr. Eric Stephens. Her focus has centered on one of the most incredibly effective areas of medicine that acupuncture touches, the musculoskeletal system. Her acumen for affecting majorly healing changes in patients with sports related or simply life related injuries such as repetative motion injuries is second to none.

Even more valuable than her extensive human anatomical understanding and history is the 6 years of spiritual healing experience she offers. Trained in Sufi healing techniques at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism for three years, Tara has deep and extensive knowledge for assisting people in their most extraordinary circumstances. Additionally, Tara offers RUH healing with over three years experience with this no-bs, very practical and mercifully supportive technique for facing one's toughest emotional challenges head on. Work with Tara to walk your ever evolving path of fulfillment - REAL fulfillment, facing your most challenging emotional issues, bringing the unconscious to the conscious, and discovering the glorious truth about who you really are and the life you are meant to live. The one that makes you Ridiculously Unbelivably Happy!


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Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM encompasses a whole-person view and set of techniques involving acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, movement and more.

Injury Care

Tara treats life-related injuries including sports-related injuries, repetative motion injuries, and more.

Spiritual Healing

Face the obstacles that block your path to fulfillment. Be guided to find New Information from within your own heart that opens the way to your glorious life. Change the game.

Auto Accident Care

Get pain relief and care from a professional who will make your insurance challenge navigation easy.

  • She is thorough, careful, and excellent -- she explains everything she's doing, asks if you're comfortable, and helps you truly relax.

    - Reed C. (yelp.com)


  • Tara's treatements provided pain relief that I wasn't able to find with the anti-inflamatory medication that my MD prescribed.

    - Angie's List Reviewer

  • I've found Tara's treatment to be extremly effective over the years that I've been going to see her.

    - Angie's List Reviewer


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Portland, OR 97212